Specificity & Contrast – Are These the Missing Puzzle Pieces for Your Website?

How effective is your website? More specifically, how effective is it at moving visitors towards your conversion goals? ​There are countless factors that will determine the answer to that question. In today’s website review, you’ll discover two of these factors: specificity and contrast. As you’ll see, both of these are “underlying” factors that can affect […]

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Endpoint vs Cloud Security: The Cloud WAF Bypass Problem

This entry was posted in General Security, Wordfence, WordPress Security on October 11, 2016 by mark   16 Replies Earlier this year at Black Hat 2016 there was a lot of buzz around “endpoint security”. In this post I’m going to explain a few issues with a cloud approach to web firewalls. Then I’ll explain the benefits of […]

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We’ve Just Made Thrive Content Builder Even Faster & More Intuitive to Use…

The latest version of Thrive Content Builder comes with several usability improvements, as well as many technical “under the hood” upgrades. Take a look at our quick video demo to see how drag-and-drop, column resizing and advanced layouts have just become even faster and easier with TCB.​ More… Here’s a summary of the improvements you’ll […]

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